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Double Bottle Snorkel

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Double Bottle Snorkel

Need to get things done twice as fast? One Beer Snorkel just isn't enough? We have the right product for you. Introducing the Double Bottle Snorkel.

Remember the days of pouring bottles into a beer bong, for the whole thing to turn to forth? The Double Snorkel eliminates that problem with no pouring required!

The Double Bottle Beer Snorkel is perfect for those that want to up their snorkel game. Fit 2 standard size bottles of your choice and away you go.

We know our products get used over and over and over, that’s why we’ve made them from the highest quality materials. The straw is solid stainless steel that will endure all conditions. The mouth piece is made from food grade silicon, so it’s safe to drink from and seals neatly over your bottle.

Perhaps you're a Can person instead of bottles? Head over here.

How to use your Double Snorkel

  1. Place each of the metal straws into your drinks.
  2. Seal the heads tightly over the top of your drinks.
  3. with one hand gripping the Snorkel between both drinks, flip it up.
  4. Two bottles done, next two please.

Double Bottle Beer Snorkel


All Beer Snorkels are shipped within 24 Hours

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We’re based in Australia, however we offer shipping worldwide so everyone can enjoy our Snorkels!

For Australian customers, if you’re within our courier zone, we’ll automatically upgrade your standard postage to Courier!

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There’s no more need to sip down that drink, get things done fast and don’t be that person who is always double parked. The newest beer bong technology is here, except its easier, more compact and no more getting those knees dirty!

At Beer Snorkel Wholesale we guarantee you that we offer the widest range of snorkels, at the highest quality and the best price on the market! We know you’ll love your product but if you are unhappy in anyway please let us know! We’re also open to any product suggestions to help us with continual improvement.

Customer Reviews

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Smashing it

Great fun little contraption , great for when your just about to get to a function and want to get primed quickly 🤣