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About Us

What is
The Beer Snorkel?

Remember all the times of having to pour your beer into a funnel for the whole thing to turn to froth or having to get down on your knees? Not to mention you can't fit a Beer Bong in your pocket.

The Beer Snorkel is the latest in Beer Bong Technology. You simply attach it to the top of your Bottle or Can, flip it up, inhale and your drink is gone.

How does
The Beer Snorkel work?

Our Snorkels work just like the old fashioned Strawpedo! The Straw of the Snorkel allows air to pass through your drink, this causes the liquid to flow fast and consistently out the mouth piece and straight down your throat. None of that annoying glugging you normally get trying to scull a beer. You’ll have your drink finished in under 3 seconds, guaranteed.

Largest Range of
Beer Snorkels Online

Classic & Straight
Beer Snorkels

Beer Snorkels

We often get asked “what’s the difference between our Classic & Straight Snorkels?” our response, “not much really!”

Classic snorkels were the first iteration of this awesome device. The stainless steel straw comes in 2 pieces that connect via a joining piece in the middle. This allows you to take the snorkel apart and carrying it around in your pocket on a night out if you’re going from bar to bar. After the mouth piece there is also a small bend in the straw, this helps with spillage and not getting the drink all over you in the case of being a beginner.

Straight Snorkels evolved from the classic. This one is for the pros. It’s one continuous solid straw that allows for faster transitioning in and out of bottles if you’re doing one drink after another. But be warned, if you’re not quick with this one you’ll wear plenty on your shirt.

All Snorkels come with food grade silicon mouth pieces. This helps them last longer because we know they get used over and over again. It also creates a good seal over any bottle type, whether it’s beer, wine or spirits the head will seal perfectly for no leaks.

Can Snorkels

We know that some of our customers prefer cans over bottles. We’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to take a break from shot-gunning and smashing cans on your head, give our Can Snorkel a go. It fits all standard Cans and just like our Bottle Snorkels comes with a solid stainless steel straw and silicon head/mouth piece.

Double Snorkels

Double Bottle Beer Snorkels

Need something to really lift off pre-drinks? Our Snorkels also come in Doubles!

We stock both Double Bottle and Double Can Beer Snorkels.

This is one you really need to see in action to appreciate how good it is.


Adapter Packs

Adapters let you join your Snorkels and then take them apart. Mix and match with single bottles or bottles and cans!

Go even crazier by connecting your Double Snorkels to do four drinks at once!

Up size your order, we provide discount packages for Adapter Packs.

Wholesale Information

We provide straight from the factory to you

We work hard with our suppliers and shipping agents to bring you the best prices possible.

Not only this, we are renowned for our fast shipping and processing times, because we know you need these by the weekend or your next party. Check out some of our reviews on our product pages. No stuffing around, your order is packed and dispatched as quickly as you can Snorkel that Beer!

Looking to stock these in your own store?

We’re truly a wholesale provider, supplying Snorkels to a number of online and store retailers. If you’re looking for an awesome product that compliments your store, send us a message. We’d be happy to help you out. We offer a range of pricing tiers depending on the quantity you require.